There’s an increasing demand for enhanced sanitation facilities such as better toilets, improved sanitary ware products, etc. Sanitary facilities are improving due to the increasing demand for improved sanitation facilities as well as rising supply chain efforts from industry participants. One such key industry are the players in the sanitary ware market.


Rapid economic growth along with higher purchasing power among consumers is supporting the growth of the overall construction market. Consumers now invest in high and premium sanitary ware products and hence players in the sanitary industry are focusing more on design and technological aspects.


At Trend Tap & Tile, we deliver pioneering innovations through our diversified brands. Our portfolio includes double basin luxury bathroom, bars, wall decor, bathroom tiles, spa portal, just to mention a few. The portfolio is continuously expanded to include a range of quality bathroom ware, tiles, and home interior products. 

View a select few of our portfolio projects we have done, if you have any further enquiries, please give us a call.

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