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We do urine testing and we will do it wherever you are. We will come to you wherever you are. We will attend to you.
Whether it is a school, your home, or your business, we will make ourselves available. Please DO NOT try testing on your own, as there is a lot more involved than just testing the urine you are given.

Our screening processes are vigorous and we follow certain procedures to ensure peace of mind and getting accurate results.We also do MASS testing for schools, companies and institutions. Do not be conned, let us the professionals, do your narcotic screening for you




In our experience the best form of cure is prevention and Educating. We offer Workshops to Businesses, Schools, Varsities and most institutions by appointment. We will come to your institute and give a Workshop that has been targeted at all the variables possible in these environments. From C.E.O to check on Top order management and the tell tell signs of the suspected individuals, right down to screening of Labourers to educating learners & staff on the tools to prevent themselves from getting involved in illegal substances. We attend to what it looks like, where it comes from, How to spot the signs, we do demonstrations (Do not be alarmed we have ways) And Educate and equip you on all you need.




Members of the Waynol Team can assist family members of the accused to get the accused individual to either be sectioned (sent by court order) or to sign themselves into our Rehabilitation Campus.
Most addicted people are involved in crime to feed their habit. We know and understand this problem and we want to assist in this regard because PEOPLE CAN CHANGE, HABITS CAN CHANGE when implementing the correct tools and introducing addicts to a new purpose driven lifestyle in enjoying the real treasures of life.
We do that and we change people’s lives.

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